Hanging Herbs

The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all. 

~ Mulan ~


The Sage of Polaris 

A Natural Way to Heal. Divine's Sophist

I am a divinely guided experienced Holistic Practitioner with the gift of sound healing, that I incorporate into my practice along with a blend of my educational background in Medical Science and Holistic Alternatives, I have created a foundation that promotes extensive and in depth material to promote optimal well-being of the etheric, mental,emotional and physical body. I hold my Certification as a Reiki Master which is also known as Shinpiden and I am apart of the world wide recognized Traditional USUI REIKI-DO System. I have been practicing for 5 years now and a firm believer in taking a holistic approach to healing. Through my practice, I strive to align patients and promote well-being in order to keep the mind, body and spirit healthy. My own personal Testimony to this effective modality comes from my experience and battle with diagnosed Fibromyalgia and Thyroid Cancer. Through this practice I have changed my lifestyle and overall well-being in all aspects drastically and no longer suffer from previous ailments and pain. With the use of my vocal cords I project healing frequencies along with distant healing energy attunements. 

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My Support Team

This has all been made possible by my teachers and spiritual advisors. Shihan Karina Hilton and Shihan Wellington Rodrigues who are apart of the Traditional USUI REIKI-DO System and taught me exceedingly well. And much love and appreciation to my wonderful spiritual advisor whose motivation and push got me to where I am, I love you Lisa Ramos and her youtube channel is Pisces Studios so definitely check her out. ~Namaste~

Natural Medicine

“Treat the cause not the effect”

Dr. Edward Bach